Amplify Apparel @ FAT 2016

Fashion Art Toronto 2016
A Modeling/Play Piercing Performance
(Starring Erica Furness and Jeremy Hernandez with Gore the Piercer).
Fashion design by Allie Wood of Amplify Apparel.

Photography: Altovenue, CanadaWears/Raymond Chow, Keith Todd, Luis Enriquez,
Ming Fu, Sabrina Shen, Santiago Photography, Stephen Maciejowski.

   Gordon makes his fashion runway debut at Fashion Art Toronto. On the opening day of FAT he walked for fashion designer, Allie Wood’s Amplify Apparel. A play piercing performance involving piercing wardrobe to sideshow performer Erica Furness for the final show of the evening; in a segment called “Pain” in Amplify Apparel’s new fashion line titled “Pleasure”. The finale promises to merge fashion and sideshow into one dazzling spectacle.

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