Embroidered Bodies


   Gordon can be spotted in this book, a 100 page photo-journal “Embroidered Bodies” by Ketzia Sherman. A collection of professional photographs conducted with, and quotes from body modification enthusiasts in Toronto, ON. If you want to pre-order a copy follow the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/234047954/preorder-embroidered-bodies-softcover

   If you order straight from the website there are no shipping fees


Bloodborne Pathogens Training 2015

cert08_bbp15   This class was only offered to APP conference pass holders for a week of seminars in Las Vegas this June. I had originally signed up for this seminar in a classroom setting but opted for the online training instead. I have already taken this class once before in a classroom instructed by David Vidra. Taking this class again was a great refresher and the videos were instructed by some of the best piercers in the industry. Body piercers come a dime a dozen and certificates mean nothing however I feel like the APP is one of very few reliable sources of education for body piercers and have at least some credibility. This will be my third year attending this conference. For anyone interested in what APP is check http://safepiercing.org

The Ace and Sword Tattoos

   The tattoo industry has been rapidly changing and our studio wants to keep up with these changes so we can provide the best possible service to our customers. The Great Canadian Tattoo Company has had an incredible 18 years in operation, and it’s all thanks to our wonderful customers. We have decided to change the name of our studio as major internal changes have taken place; we are pleased to finally announce the new name: the Ace and Sword Tattoo Parlour. Over the next few months we will be renovating the studio, and welcoming a new artist to the team. Psycho Dave, Danielle Bar, Carmin A and Gord can still be found in the shop, Steve DB will be leaving our tattoo family, and can be found at Addicted Tattoos in Woodbridge (905) 856-8286, or on his cell at 647-979-1369.
   Everyone who was a part of The Great Canadian Tattoo Company family would like to very kindly thank each and every one of our customers, without you we would not have made it these last 18 years. The changes to our studio are all for our customers, we want to ensure that our studio, and our services are of the highest quality. No we are not moving locations, and yes our phone number (416-503-4513) will remain the same! Links to new websites and social media will be posted very soon. Thank you once again for your patronage, and we look forward to continuing to service you!!

First Aid 2014

   I recently received my First Aid and CPR certificate in the mail. This was one of the classes I attended at the APP conference this year, I’ve been wanting to take this class for years! I’m stepping up my game and accomplishing personal goals to offer a safe body piercing service at the studio! A lot of big changes coming up in the next year at The Great Canadian Tattoo Co..

Photograph taken by Ryan Ouellette during CPR training.