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White Opal Project
Left: These two piercings are not done by me. Jewelry upgrades to Neometal with white opals. We opted not to pierce a “3rd hole” as it would show poor symmetry compared to the other side. With two on one ear and three on the other the project still looks really sharp!

Right: The helix and 1st ear lobe piercing not pierced by me. The helix piercing was upgraded to an implant grade titanium stud from Anatometal and Neometal was used in the first ear lobe completed with – you guessed it, white opals. The second and third lobes are freshly pierced by yours truly!

Can’t help but love those white opals!! For more of my work I updated my portfolio with a few more pictures jump on over and take a look [ Portfolio ]


Last weekend I was on the stage at Toronto’s experimental theater nightclub: Candyland. I had the opportunity to pierce the very talented burlesque performer Laura Desiree in a live nipple piercing performance. For some photos head on over to the gallery

If you missed out on my play piercing performance with Erica Furness and Jer Hernedez at Fashion Art Toronto; photos have been posted so you can see us walking the runway for Amplify Apparel. Check ’em out here.



FAT Week 2016 (Fashion Art Toronto)


   Gordon will be making his fashion runway debut at FAT week this year. On Tuesday April 12, the opening day of FAT he will be walking for Amplify Apparel. Amplify’s new line “Pleasure” will be closing the show with an amazing cast of models and a side show performance by Erica Furness featuring Gore the body piercer and Jeremy Hernandez. The shows finale promises to merge fashion and Side Show into one dazzling spectacle.

More info at https://www.facebook.com/events/977012072374504/


New Updates for 2016

   It has been awhile since anything was posted on here, it is time I get around to posting some updates. Near the end of the summer I did a bit of travelling to Nova Scotia and Vancouver for a couple of guest spots as I mentioned in previous posts. Since then I have been working at Exotix Studios, Toronto’s first and only high-end piercing studio. We use luxury body jewelry from companies such as Anatometal, Neometal and Body Vision Los Angeles. It is a breath of fresh air to be finally working with these companies. We work by appointment only so book in by giving the studio a call at 416.259.9361. We are located on the south-east corner of Queen and Spadina at 163 Spadina Ave. on the second floor.


   Now that 2016 is here I aim to be more active on here and update my portfolio. My APP certificate came in the mail awhile back and that is now posted. Since the holidays came and went I destroyed a laptop by accident that set me back from posting anything. In other news outside of piercing I’ve been booked to work on TV shows, one of them aired recently called “The Expanse”. Look out for me on there ;)


Elemental Body Adornment


   I just finished up a guest spot at Elemental Body Adornment in Victoria, BC. It was a fun few days piercing along side Vicky Williams, we got to do a couple of tandem piercings as well because two body piercers piercing you is better than one! If you happen to be in the area be sure to drop by the studio for the best high end jewelry available. Follow Vicky’s piercing shenanigans and a large collection of gorgeous body jewellery on social media; Facebook and instagram! 

Skin Decision Aug 19-22

   For those of you that don’t know I am no longer piercing at the Ace and Sword Tattoo Parlour on Lakeshore, Etobicoke. I am taking a little break from piercing and will let you know of my future endeavors in the industry although I won’t be straying very far for long. I have some great news to share in the near future but I can say I’ll be working the counter at Skin Decision in Truro, NS from August 19-22nd. To further improve and educate myself as a body piercer I will be shadowing APP member Julie Taylor during my stay so if you’re in the area drop by and say hello.

You can follow Skin Decision below:



APP 2015

   Next week I will be attending the 20th annual APP Conference in Las Vegas to further my education in body piercing. My last day in the studio is this Saturday the 6th so come in for that piercing before I go! I’ll be returning to Ace and Sword Tattoos Monday the 15th. app2015