Piercing since 2009 Gordon offers clients a safe and professional service. He prepares you for a comfortable environment with excellent bedside manners walking you through every step of your piercing experience. He makes sure you leave the appointment with proper aftercare instructions that are given both verbally and in written form. He encourages follow up appointments to check up on your healing piercing.

   Gordon believes education is key on an ever-changing industry. His apprenticeship assimilation began in Halifax before moving to Toronto. He keeps himself updated by shadowing other professional piercers and maintaining up to date certificates. He has attended seminars and workshops at the Association of Professional Piercers conference in Las Vegas, including Blood-borne Pathogens, and First Aid classes.

   Gordon was a featured performer in a human pin-cushion act with Erica Furness. Erica wrote the well-received play piercing performance; they were the opening act for Toronto’s biggest fetish party – Torture Garden! Since then the two of them have teamed up for future freak shows, even one that included an aerialist. Gordon has also participated in suspension pulls for fetish events in Halifax but nowadays he has stepped away from the spotlight and is no longer performing acts on stage.

   Gordon is a body modification enthusiast, jumping at the opportune moment to par-take in body suspensions and altering his body at the hands of professional artists. Curious minds can take a look at his Body Art photo gallery. On the rare occasion he has caught the eye of journalists making his first appearance in local newspapers and in magazines.