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White Opal Project
Left: These two piercings are not done by me. Jewelry upgrades to Neometal with white opals. We opted not to pierce a “3rd hole” as it would show poor symmetry compared to the other side. With two on one ear and three on the other the project still looks really sharp!

Right: The helix and 1st ear lobe piercing not pierced by me. The helix piercing was upgraded to an implant grade titanium stud from Anatometal and Neometal was used in the first ear lobe completed with – you guessed it, white opals. The second and third lobes are freshly pierced by yours truly!

Can’t help but love those white opals!! For more of my work I updated my portfolio with a few more pictures jump on over and take a look [ Portfolio ]


Last weekend I was on the stage at Toronto’s experimental theater nightclub: Candyland. I had the opportunity to pierce the very talented burlesque performer Laura Desiree in a live nipple piercing performance. For some photos head on over to the gallery

If you missed out on my play piercing performance with Erica Furness and Jer Hernedez at Fashion Art Toronto; photos have been posted so you can see us walking the runway for Amplify Apparel. Check ’em out here.