Rest In Peace Shannon Larratt

   Today I am deeply saddened and in total disbelief that my role model, Shannon Larratt has passed away. I am at a loss for words. I would not be where I am today if it were not for him. For those who do not know, he founded BMEzine. I discovered BME back in 2004 and strayed away from the website in recent years. I’ve learned so much about this industry from reading his books, his articles, and posts on facebook. It was only until a few weeks ago I met him briefly, during a private suspension event in his studio apartment. It will be a moment I will never forget. He brought the body modification community together by giving this industry a voice. We lost a hero, my condolences to his family and loved ones. Shannon’s last words were posted on his personal blog Zentastic, click here to read his “Finita, la commedia”. There is a well written post by Shawn Porter on his blog about Shannon, “Stay Clam: Remembering Shannon Larratt”. I am also linking Bella Vendetta’s article on fleshbot, “RIP Shannon Larratt, The Accidental Pornographer”.

Thanks for everything Shannon, Rest in peace.

(The following links were gathered from “Blake Sibbit” of the In Loving Memory of Shannon Larratt facebook group)

For those looking to relive or learn more about Shannon, you can visit…
His personal blog:
His YouTube page:
See his creations:

Also, twitter and tumblr is also being used to pay respects…